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free printable thank you cardShow Your Gratitude with Free Printable Thank You Cards

It isn’t always easy to say what we want to, is it? There are a number of people in our lives that deserve our thanks, our gratitude and our love. Still, we become tongue-tied and fear saying the wrong thing. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Your family and friends would love a free printable card that tells them exactly how you feel. If you want to tell someone how much he or she means to you on a birthday, holiday or just because, you’ll find a suitable card here at In addition to Thank You cards, we have an extensive collection of greeting cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, holiday cards, get-well cards and printable cards for other occasions, too. We take a light-hearted approach to our offerings. The designs are simple, colorful and designed to be fun. Print out some of your favorite designs today. It’s super easy; all it takes is a couple of clicks!

Free Printable Thank You Cards for Friends

Has a friend purchased a gift for you or done something nice for you lately? If so, it would be a nice gesture to send him or her a free printable thank you card. In our rushed society, we all too often forget the manners we were taught. It is actually considered rude not to send a proper thank you for a gift or kind gesture. Although it may be viewed as old-fashioned by some, a thank you card truly shows the recipient that you care about their gift or good deed and that you appreciate their thoughtfulness. Besides, getting a personal card in the mail is always fun. When all most people expect in the mail are bills and junk mail, a greeting card can be a nice surprise.

Elegant Free Printable Thank You Cards for Wedding Gifts

If you’ve recently gotten married, you probably have a number of thank you cards to send. Weddings are expensive, though, so your post-marital budget may be tight for a while. Don’t worry! These elegant printable purple and gold thank you cards are free. You can print as many or as few as you’d like. They’re fully customizable, too, which means that you can add a picture of you and your spouse, personalize the text and much more. While adding a bit of text with the customization tool can be an attractive choice stylistically, don’t forget to add a personal touch with a handwritten sentiment. When someone cares enough to purchase a gift for your wedding, that person certainly deserves the effort required to write a handwritten note on a card. Thank you cards for weddings can be formal or informal, but we think this card is a good balance of both of those characteristics. They’re the perfect card to send if your wedding colors were purple and gold or purple and yellow. Even if you didn’t use those colors, this card is still an attractive choice!