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Video Game Coloring Pages

In honor of National Mushroom Day (October 15th), we want to share with you a coloring page featuring the world’s favorite mushroom: the mushroom from Mario! You can see the picture here on the left and will find a link to it below. The Mario games were developed by a Japanese game developer and became one of the best selling video game series of all time. It really revolutionized video games as we know them today, and the games are still popular decades later. Some adults still have their retro versions and game systems to be able to play their favorite childhood game anytime they want. For these coloring sheets and more free printable coloring pages, look at our home page at

Mushroom Coloring Pages

You can find the mushroom coloring page here. As you can see, it’s a great image of one of our favorite video game characters. The mushroom does a couple of things within the game. First, some mushrooms make Mario larger. Second, if he is already larger, a mushroom can provide an extra life. There are many different “hidden eggs” in the game where you can find lots of mushrooms. Today, you can find this information easily on the internet, but back in the day, you had to find them by trial and error and lots of game playing. Kids today have it easier than we did, even when it comes to video games. Would you like to know more about the mysterious mushroom and its powers in the Mario video games? Read for more fun facts below.

Mario Mushroom Facts

  1. Not all mushrooms are good mushrooms. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, poisonous mushrooms were introduced. These could weaken Mario or Luigi, make them smaller or cause them to lose a life.
  2. The green mushrooms with white spots are the 1-up mushrooms that have been around since the beginning of the Mario video game series. They provide an extra life. In some games, however, you must be careful because they look very similar to the poisonous mushrooms mentioned above.
  3. The mega mushroom makes Mario or Luigi exceptionally large and allows them to smash things in their path. Once the mushroom wears off, extra lives are given depending on the number of objects smashed during mega mushroom mode. It is also referred to as a super mushroom.
  4. The mini mushroom allows the character to shrink in size and fit into small areas. Its appearance is not consistent from one game to the next, but the mushroom does not affect the character’s ability to perform, it only makes them smaller
  5. Mushroom World is the setting for the Mario games, and Mushroom Kingdom is one of the largest areas within Mushroom World. It is ruled by Princess Peach, and as you know, they’ve had their fair share of problems with the Koopa Kingdom that borders them.