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Printable Match and Color Fruit WorksheetsSave Money with Our Free Printable Classroom Lessons

At, we appreciate all the hard work that teachers have to do these days. Not only are you called upon to teach, but also to mentor, to guide, to provide stability, to be a referee, to enforce the rules and much, much more. You’re not paid nearly enough for what you do! That’s why we think it’s a shame that teachers often have to purchase educational materials out of their own hard-earned money just to find appropriate, fun, educational content for the classroom. We think that you should be provided with these resources free, so we’ve begun compiling a variety of different crafts, cards, games, activities and free printable lessons for busy teachers. You don’t have hours to spare scouring the internet for reliable content resources. Let us help! Our pages are all completely free, and you can share, print and copy them as much as you’d like.

Free Printable Classroom Lessons to Teach Basic Skills

As they say, the best place to start is at the beginning. That’s what we’ve done here. We currently offer a number of basic worksheets for very young children to help them when they’re beginning to learn how to identify similar objects, learn the alphabet and piece together jigsaw puzzles. Our activities can be standalone activities designed to encourage creative thinking or paired with another in class activity to emphasize particular concepts. Be sure to check out all of our free printable classroom lessons, as some are multi-part lessons that can be taught over several days. If you find these resources helpful, remember to tell your friends about our site!

Learn Matching and Coloring Skills with Our Free Printable Classroom Lessons

As often as possible, we try to integrate more than one skill into our worksheets and lessons. Our printable match and color fruit worksheet is just one example of this pairing of skills. Ask your students to match the fruits on the left with the ones on the right. As you can see, the pictures are the same types of fruits but are depicted differently so that students will begin to understand how the same type of thing can look different. For example, apples all have roughly the same shape, but can be red, yellow, green or combinations of those colors. To emphasize this point, you may want to have some fruits in your classroom for comparison. This is helpful in two ways: your students will have a real life, hands-on example to look at, and they can enjoy a tasty snack after all their hard work! Let them color the fruits in both columns after they’ve matched them up. Other excellent lessons to pair with this include spelling words for each fruit or short stories made up about each type of fruit. With your wonderful teacher imagination and our worksheets, you’re bound to find a creative lesson that can be used in your classroom year after year.