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Subtraction Practice Free Printable WorksheetFree Printable Worksheets for Subtraction Practice

School has begun and fall is in the air. Well, almost. It won’t be long, anyway. That means that your little ones will be learning valuable skills in school that will be the foundation for all other skills they’ll learn throughout life. One of those valuable skills is subtraction. As far as math goes, subtraction can be tricky for young children. After addition, subtraction is the next step in the learning sequence. They will catch on to these concepts much more quickly if you use visual aids and give them plenty of practice using our free printable worksheets at All of our worksheets are customizable and easy to print from home or school. In addition to subtraction worksheets, we also have pages to help with handwriting, multiplication, addition, division, cursive writing and much more. Educators who teach multiple subjects will find many valuable resources on the site.


Subtraction Practice for Elementary Students

To look at our free printable subtraction worksheets specifically, just navigate to the area from our worksheets category. Here, you’ll find worksheets for subtraction problems ranging from very simple to more advanced. This structure was intentional to provide learning aids for your students every step of the way. There are six different worksheets available, so print them off to give your students plenty of practice. If you primarily use a textbook in class, you can use these as homework assignments to give parents a chance to work with their children on subtraction. Keep all sheets in a folder or binder so you’ll have them available for use next year, too.


Simple Problems for Subtraction Practice

When subtraction is first introduced to students, it is important to start slowly with the concept using visual aids and a number of other tools and implements. This free printable subtraction practice worksheet is designed to subtract one from the numbers 1-9. In addition to working on these problems, you can use many different objects to help get the point across. Pencils, crayons, erasers, pieces of paper or small books all make great objects for displaying the principles of subtraction. Allow your students to work on these independently or as part of a group. After they’re finished, allow them to come up with their own subtraction problems using some of the common classroom objects. They will have lots of fun trying to teach their classmates how to subtract while using their favorite color of crayons or their favorite books. To print out this sheet, just hit the Print Now button. You can also customize it, if you’d like. You can make an answer key for yourself by typing the answers in red font before you hit print. If you’d like a special place to mark the grade on the paper, add an additional area above the name and date. Customization is easy and can simplify your work as a teacher. Don’t forget to print out extras for take-home practice!