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free printable time worksheetLearn to Tell Time with Free Printable Time Worksheets

When a child first begins to learn to tell time, it can be rather confusing. Today, we are so accustomed to using digital devices for time that we often forget how confusing it must be for kids to have to learn time from an analog clock (a clock with a face and hands for hours, minutes and seconds). It must seem very strange to them! Luckily, there are a number of valuable resources on the web to help transition these students to telling time by regular clocks. At, there are many time-related worksheets among our free printable worksheets category. Print them all to give students plenty of practice, or use one at a time to work through together in class. In addition to time, you’ll also find worksheets for addition, division and other types of math as well as sheets for preschool, kindergarten and more.

Begin Telling Time with Free Printable Time Worksheets

Among the time-specific worksheets, you’ll find plenty of clocks in different positions to help your students learn to identify the time on traditional clocks. These free printable time worksheets can be printed as-is. They’re ready to go! If you’d like to customize an answer sheet for yourself, you can certainly do so. Just remember to put your answers in red font rather than black so you’ll be able to tell your copy from that of your students. There are eight different time-telling worksheets available to help the students quickly learn and improve on their time-telling skills. Allow students to work on the sheets in pairs or groups if they seem to be having trouble individually. Sometimes children explain concepts better to other children than adults can!

Help Your Child with Free Printable Time Worksheets

As a parent, you can also help your child achieve his or her educational goals such as telling time. The responsibility for educating children should not fall solely on the teacher’s shoulders. It is the parent’s responsibility as well. That’s why we aim to provide you with high quality resources to help you and your child learn and have fun together. We have a wide array of coloring sheets, activities and worksheets to keep your child’s mind active and engaged. The time worksheets are among the best for teaching children this new skill. This particular free printable time worksheet features four clocks in different hourly positions. The hour hand is colored in red while the minute hand is in blue. This helps students clearly identify the longer hand versus the shorter hand and can help you more easily explain hours versus minutes. The hours are located at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 when you move clockwise through the diagram. You should make it clear that this could be AM or PM since traditional clocks have no means by differentiating the two. Your child will be proud to be able to tell time like adults now, even if they mostly use digital devices for time-telling purposes.