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Are you looking for activities to help your students get into the school spirit? Although some children come back to school in August or September refreshed and ready to get back to learning, many dread being indoors all day for school. A great way to transition students back into work mode is by providing free printable coloring pages and other educational activities that make learning seem more like fun than a chore. At, we strive to create resources for parents, teachers and students that do just that. We believe that education should be a priority, yes, but we also believe that children need plenty of opportunities to be creative and expressive using arts, crafts, and even math lessons. By showing you their individual learning styles through hands-on, nontraditional activities, you’ll be better prepared as a teacher for addressing all of those different learning styles in your class lessons.

Serious and Silly Free Printable Coloring Sheets

What do you want your students to remember about their first week of school? What should they begin to focus on? Believe it or not, our free printable coloring sheets can help you hone in on certain topics that you’ll be addressing in class. By starting with simple, fun activities like coloring sheets, the students will be prepared to tackle tougher material in the lesson. Alternatively, you can assign coloring sheets once a lesson is completed to help the students cement the skills that have just been reviewed. Here are a few ideas from our coloring sheets section to get you started. Is your school mascot a beaver, badger, dinosaur, peacock, eagle or panda? We have coloring sheets for all of those animals! Do you want to address healthy eating habits? We have several coloring sheets featuring nutritious foods like pears, apples and bananas. Want to help your students learn about animals you might find on a farm? Our cow, bird, kitten and swan pictures can help.

Free Printable Coloring Sheets Featuring Back to School Items

Our favorite printable for students heading back to school is the printable school bags coloring sheet. This coloring sheet features two backpacks stuffed with pencils, books, a ruler, and healthy snacks like a banana and an apple. Lines for the student’s name and the date completed are at the top, making it easy to just print and use in your class anytime you’d like. Encourage the students to personalize the backpacks with their names or initials. They can also draw additional items in or beside the bags. Once they’ve completed the coloring sheets, have them turn them over and list three things they’re looking forward to this school year. Have the students share at least one item from their list with the rest of the class. This is a great icebreaker to help students get to know one another and gets things started on a positive note by having students list what they’re looking forward to.